Ostlund Christmas Tree Farm

Your Family's Holiday Tradition

Trees and Pricing

Our tree species are Norway Spruce, Scotch Pine, White Pine and Douglas Fir.  We have these trees in all sizes; all trees are priced the same, regardless of type or size when cut.  Our quantities are limited so plan to select and cut your tree early.

We will also offer pre-cut Fraser Fir trees in 3 sizes, while supplies last:

5'-6': $65.00/each
7'-8': $75.00/each
8'-9': $90.00/each

Important Tree Care:

  • Whatever tree you select & cut, make sure that you maintain water in the tree stand at all times.
  • Always re-cut the trunk (remove about 1-2") right before you place the tree into the stand; this second cut will remove the sap-clogged water channels that formed in the trunk when you cut it initially.

Oregon Forestry Laboratory additive:

  • This product will help keep the water channels open, thus keeping the needles on the tree longer.
  • The ingredients of this packet are child & pet safe and environmentally friendly. 
  • Just empty 1 packet into the tree stand & fill with water. Keep the stand filled with water thereafter for the rest of the season (no additional packet needed).
  • $5.00/packet.


White PineWhite Pines:

These trees have long, soft needles and full bodies. Families with small children often select this species. If you have heavy ornaments, you may want to consider Scotch Pine or Norway Spruce; or you can pinch the ornament hanger onto the branches as they tend to slip off the branches.

Price: $60.00

Scotch PineScotch Pines:

Scotch Pines have short, sharp needles and strong branches. This species is more difficult to shape, but is a very traditional and popular tree selection. And, Scotch Pine can support heavy ornaments.

Price: $60.00

Norway SpruceNorway Spruce:

Norway Spruce are our personal favorite! They’re the slowest growers, but they’re a blend of best of the White Pine and Scotch Pine: they shape beautifully and have short needles with strong branches. And, they have the best pine smell to add to your holiday decorating experience!

Price: $60.00

Douglas FirDouglas Fir:

Douglas Fir is the latest addition to our tree offering. This tree has softer, shorter needles, shapes up nicely, and has strong branches to support ornaments. And, Douglas Firs give off a fresh, citrus scent when cut and decorated!

Price: $60.00

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